Transferring Your Domain to Spastic Ghost

Transferring Your Domain to Spastic Ghost

If you did not originally register your domain with us, you will need to either transfer/move your domain name to Spastic Ghost, or update your DNS records to point to Spastic Ghost’s Servers.

If you want to transfer your domain to Spastic Ghost, we offer one free transfer for every new hosting sign-up. If you have multiple domains registered with someone else, and don’t want to pay to move them all, you can still use your domains with Spastic Ghost’s hosting, but changing your DNS records.

To update your DNS, you will need to contact your domain name registrar (the company you purchased your domain from) and update the “DNS” records for your domain to reflect our DNS servers.

Spastic Ghost’s DNS Servers

Server Name:

Once your domain name registrar has sent you a confirmation notice that the domain name records are updated (or that your domain has been transferred), it will normally take from 24 hours to 48 hours for the domain to point to our network.

Your Internet Service Providers must update their DNS tables to reflect the new web site location. The rate at which this happens can vary among providers.

Please Note: To prevent your site from experiencing downtime, it is recommended that you do not cancel your existing web hosting account for a period of approximately five days after your domain registrar has updated your domain records.

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