Which hosting package should I use for eCommerce?

Both the Spastic Ghost Medium and Large hosting plans are perfect eCommerce solutions.

If you are not sure how large your shop will be, or how much disk space you will need, you may want to start with the Medium hosting package. This package can always be upgraded if you reach your disk quota limit.

If you are purchasing hosting for eCommerce and you are not planning on using Paypal for online payments, you may need to purchase the appropriate Merchant and gateway services (an example of a merchant would be BluePay, and an example of a gateway is Authorize.net). Often your merchant will offer a gateway like Authorize.net to you. You may want to contact your merchant to request a gateway before purchasing one yourself.

It is possible to offer both Paypal and credit transactions on most shopping carts. Paypal will charge fees if your monthly transactions exceed their maximum amount allowed for free accounts.

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